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The Worst Advice

What is the worst piece of well-meaning advice you can give yourself that kills your dreams?

Well-meaning friends and colleagues give us advice all the time. But the worst advice is the advice we sometimes give ourselves.

We tell ourselves lots of things to get past challenging times. Nothing wrong with that; sometimes it's all we can do just to make it through the day. But sometimes the advice we give ourselves isn’t really in our best interest. It actually works as a pacifier, keeping us stuck and compliant, rather than free, vibrant, and living the life we really want to live.

Some of the runners up for the worst advice?

"I’ll get to it one of these days..." is a seductive bit of fluff.

"If I can just finish this then …." gives us false hope that our ongoing concerns will miraculously vanish, and then we’ll have lots of wide open time to do what we want.

But, the absolute worst advice we give ourselves?

"I’ll do it later."

That’s right.  “I’ll do it later.” A popular refrain, heard the world over.

Does that sound like you?

Of course, there are so many hours in the day. You can’t do everything. Some things do have to be put off until later. But what’s so bad about telling ourselves we’ll  do something later is that a part of us thinks that by saying it, we really will do it later. And then days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months turn into years….without you having done something that truly is important to you.

Take a moment and look at the past week. How many times were you frustrated once again about your job or your life; pining for what you really want to do; or having to adjust once more to a reality that just isn’t you? When you thought of making a change, did you tell yourself “I’ll do it later?” Taking one step, however small, will get you started. You’ll feel great just from taking action. And with your new energy will come inspiration, from inspiration will come more action, the momentum will build, and you’ll find yourself step by step moving towards your heart’s desire.

You have to do things in your own time. If you truly need to “do it later”, that’s fine. But if you have the slightest inkling that change is in your future, I want to help. Be kind to yourself. If you haven’t already, sign up for my free booklet, “Living from the Soul: First Steps to Taking the Deeper Path" along with my e- newsletter. You’ll immediately receive support, ideas, and tools for safely, spiritually, and solidly beginning to create the life that works for you.

If you want to put your toes in the water even more, hey, take a little leap right now and check out “How do I Get Started?” where there are lots more ideas for you to claim the life of your soul's desire.  And, certainly, any time, contact me! I would love to hear what’s going on in your life and any thoughts, questions, or suggestions you’d like to share.