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Connection with Your Inner Spirit.
The Soul Spa.

Do you really want to live the life you yearn for, but are too tired to even begin?

Are you drawn to going deeper, but can't quite seem to get there?

You need to relax, invite the silence, and reconnect with your Soul.

Connecting with your spirit takes many forms. You may choose to meditate, pray, or do something wonderful.

The "Soul Spa" was created for those who need help in slowing down and re-integrating their inner self with their body. Change can be disruptive to our bodies as well as our psyches. The services I provide here help you to become more grounded, clear tension from your body, and open the space for the good to come to you.

Currently I offer two services through the Soul Spa:

1. The Spa "Soul Massage"
2. "Soul Whispers Life Reading"
(Descriptions follow)


Soul Whispers and the Soul Massage are based on an ancient healing tradition, where it is believed that a person experiences emotional challenges and illnesses because the soul has become lost.

 The shaman/healer finds the wandering soul and returns it to the body, thus making the person whole again, able to continue, re-inspired, with their life.

I believe that in today’s busy world, our souls are not necessarily lost, but more often forgotten, or not being heard.  I created "Soul Whispers" and the Soul Spa to help people call back and reconnect to Spirit, thus forming the true foundation from which to live. 

 1.      "Spa Soul Massage"

Sometimes you simply need to relax. The Soul Massage is a gentle way for you to slow down, go deeply within, and reconnect and refresh your entire being. It’s a time for you to leave everything behind, balance and sooth the energies of your body, mind, and soul, and sink into your deepest consciousness.

In a soul massage, you are totally pampered. We discuss briefly what is going on in your life, and then you lie down comfortably and nap or relax. I work with your energy in the way of ancient shamans and healers: calling your soul from its distractions and wanderings, bringing it back to its honored place, and creating a safe energetic space from where you can comfortably and freely be who you are and create the life you truly want.  

The result is a wonderful body relaxation, a lightened mind, and reconnection to your natural joy. You leave re-energzied, uplifted, and feeling your deep personal power.

Have a Soul Massage when you’d like:

     *  A refreshing, energetic lift
     *  A boost to your feelings of happiness
     *  A deep physical and emotional feeling of peace and contentment
     *  Reconnection to the deeper Spirit in your life.

It’s also perfect if you’re:

     *  Exhausted, anxious, frustrated or confused, needing total and immediate relaxation
     *  Experiencing physical illness or pain, and needing a new solution or addition to traditional healing remedies

The Soul Massage is a 50 minute session.

Please contact me for an appointment and more information, or fill out and send the form below.

2. "Soul Whispers Life Reading"

When our souls feel safe and are allowed to speak, they give us guidance that can change our lives.  “Soul Whispers” is for those who, while being pampered and relaxed, also desire insights and guidance for the next steps of their lives.

I start with a pampering Soul Massage. Then, after your body is deeply relaxed and your mind is quiet, I listen for your heart and soul’s desire. Finding blocks, I clear them away, as your Soul whispers what you need to know.  

Relaxing, clearing, nurturing, listening…we work until the Soul has shared its essential wisdom.

We complete the session as I share with you the insights gained, and suggestions for the next steps to take in your path of living from the Soul.

You enjoy relaxation for the body, massage for the spirit, and life direction all in one session!

"Soul Whispers" is perfect for you if you are:

      * Creating new life direction
      * Making life choices and decisions
      * Wondering "Am I on the right path?"
      * Seeking solutions to blocks in your life
      * Wanting relief from pain by clearing emotional
         issues that create physical illness and mental distress
      * Desiring new ways to receive inner guidance on
         the path of living from the Soul

"Soul Whispers Life Reading" is an hour and 15 minute session.

Please contact me for an appointment and more information, or fill out and send the form below.




To make an appointment, please fill out the top part of the following form. If you would like to send more personal information (allows us to go more in depth in our session), please fill out the questions following. You do not have to answer the questions in order to have an appointment or to ask me about sessions.

Appointment Interest: The Soul Spa

Tell me a little about yourself, what's going on, and why you are feeling drawn to the Soul Spa. The more you are willing to share, the more I can make sure that your session meets your needs.

Of course, if you are just overwhelmed and just need relaxation and direction, don't stress yourself out! Say as little or as much as you like. Thanks!

1. What's going on in your life these days? How are you feeling? Are you yearning for something? Or have circumstances required you to change your life? Talk to me.

2. Have you already started to live from your Soul, or tried before? What have you already tried to do to make the change you are thinking of? (Don't panic, it's ok if you have done nothing)

3. What do you think has been keeping you back? Or if you have already tried to live from your Soul, what didn't work?

4. What is important to you in your life right now?

5. Name one or two things about yourself that you feel good about at this time in your life.

6. What would you like to result from having a Soul Spa session? Is your main goal relaxation and renewal, or do you also want guidance and solutions?

7. Are you ready to make an appointment now, or do you have any additional questions for me?

Thank you. I'll be back with you within 24 hours.

In the meantime, congratulations on honoring your life! You have taken a tangible step toward honoring yourself and your soul's desires.