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Is This You?

While everyone’s situation is unique, the hopes, desires, and challenges that my clients face are remarkably similar. See if any of these sound like you:

You have been successful in your career but you long to use some other talents.

Your job is stable, the money is there. You could continue on the ladder of success, but your heart just isn’t in it anymore. You have talents and dreams that you set aside in order to build your security and you would love to take the leap and try them out. But you don’t want to lose everything by doing so.

You’ve always known there was something you were “supposed” to do, but have never figured out what it was.

You’ve always wanted a purpose, a passion in life. Even though you have found jobs and lifestyles that were ok, you still haven’t found your niche. If you only knew what that might be, you would be willing to go after it.

You’re tired of living someone else’s life and yearn to be who you really are.

You made some life choices that pleased everyone else and were ok at first, but now you want your life back. You may want to drastically change your lifestyle, or you just want your lifestyle to be more in alignment with the way you want to live. You want to live and speak your truth.

You want to live your life from the spirit. You yearn to find kindred spirits who live a contemplative life, and create their lives from a deeper place.

You have been meditating, but need support or guidance in where to go from here. Other therapists seem too traditional, and don't understand the contemplative path.

You have experienced a major life change and are re-arranging your life. By choice or through circumstance, your relationships, work, spirituality or health have changed. You recognize that the way you have lived is not going to work anymore. You’re not sure how to create your new life.

You are losing your enthusiasm and excitement for work and want to have the magic back.

You still love the essence of what you do, but you are bored or frustrated at your current job. You’re not sure if you just need re-energizing, help in handling your boss, or a totally new job or direction. You feel overwhelmed and fearful if you even think of leaving, but can’t enjoy staying.

You’re exhausted, burned out and nearing depression. You just can’t keep living this way anymore.

You’ve been trying to make things work, but there is an underlying sadness or numbness inside. Your enthusiasm for your life is cratering; nothing looks good to you. While you’ve been able to “fake it” this far, you know you can’t keep it up forever. Something has to change.


If you find yourself falling into one or more of these scenarios, I can help you.

My clients and class participants have had many different backgrounds, nationalities, and talents. Here are some examples:

So what is possible for you?

After having worked with hundreds of individuals and delivered classes and retreats over 19 years, I can tell you that while everyone’s situation is different, there are common barriers, emotions, and unknowns that everyone encounters as they seek to create what they want. I can help you in the process of changing your life in a step-by-step way where you can take your own personal “leap” with confidence, courage, and inspiration.

But will it work for you?

It will, if you have the following values:

Passion for life. You want to taste, feel, and experience as much of life as possible. You want to travel, experience other realities, are curious about many things, and are determined to have as rich as life as possible, whether in far flung exotic places or right at home. Whether you are happy or unhappy at this time, you have a core sense that happiness is possible, and that living with passion supports it.

Openness to Change. Even though you may have some fears, you are basically open to making changes in your life if you feel that they will be of benefit to you. You recognize that many of the changes that you already made in your life, although scary, were worth it, and you look forward with curiosity to what you may end up doing.

Willingness to Risk. You know that there will be steps to take that will require you to deal with the unknown, and you are willing to take these steps if it means you will be happier later. You may need to have some reassurances of security, or you may thrive on risk.

Interest in Self-Reflection. You are curious about who you are, and resonate with the concept of becoming all that you can be. You look forward to learning more about your strengths and talents, and in using them in the best way possible.

Respect for Knowledge. You honor the knowledge of others and your own knowledge, understanding the expansiveness you can attain by being exposed to the perspectives of others, even if you end up disagreeing.

Sense of Spirit. You have a connection with your inner Spirit, whether you define it in religious terms, or whether you experience it as a wordless energy. You are curious and willing to explore deeper how you can connect with this Spirit and find direction, inspiration, and comfort from this connection.

If this is you, let me tell you how this can work for you.