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Photography from the Soul...

Think about a photograph you love...A favorite image of your child, photo from a family gathering, or image of a beautiful place you'd love to be.

What makes it special? What do you see?

The connection from the photographer's soul to another...a moment's recognition and capture of the essence and spirit of life.

The photographs you love are not because of the latest equipment or technique. You love them because they make you feel; they inspire you. You delight at the miracle of your child; remember deep emotions you felt at a gathering; connect with the yearning for a special place.

The photographs you love allow you to see, feel, and remember pieces of your life that are fulfilling and meaningful to the deepest part of your being.

As a photographer, I work from the soul. I connect with the essence of my subjects, consciously seeking and recognizing the inner spirit. I then honor and express their beauty and life through light, expression, and form.

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Let me help you capture the joy of your child, the love you have for a family member, and the beauty of friends and associates gathering together.

Fine art black & white; digital color available.


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Have a photo shoot with your best friend, mothers and daughters, a beloved family member...share some of your thoughts about each other...then I'll create a keepsake book with images and text for you to have forever.


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Join me as I share with you my path of living life from the soul, expressed in photography and words.

Open for assignments.
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Let me help you to capture and express your vision and soul connection, or to use photography in your own personal path.


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Let's create mementos of a special time together, celebrating laughter, joy, love, special life transitions, solemn occasions.
I shoot still images of your event, and then blend them with music to create personal muvees. You may also choose single images for printing.


For more information, please contact me at 713.521.1676 or use the form below.


Request for Information:
Photography from the Soul

Tell me something about what you are looking for. Say as little or as much as you like!.

And don't be shy about picking up the phone...this form is for the convenience of you computer lovers, odd hours people, and for the times I'm out "honoring inner, creating outer" when you call.


1. Do you know what service you would like? Portrait photo shoot? Special event? Birthday party bash? Personal Muse? Talk to me.

2. When would you like this to happen? Do you have specific dates?

3. How many people will be involved? Ages?

4. What do you want the final outcome to be? (Example: "I want an event muvee to give to all the partygoers, plus copies for those who were unable to attend." "I need two 8"x10" promo shots in digital format." "I want "11x14" and 8"x10" black and white portraits to frame and hang on our walls." "I want to become the best photographer anyone has ever known on earth."

Don't worry if you don't know your specifics yet, we will talk them through. If you do know already, however, it will save time for you to put them here.

5. What are your budget parameters?

6. How did you find out about me? What appeals to you about working with me?

7. Are you ready to book a date, or do you have any additional questions for me?

Thank you. I'll contact you within 24 hours of receiving your form. In the meantime, enjoy the beauty around you, and the love you have for the people in your own life.


About Me:

Heidi Straube, M.Ed.,LPC, is a contemplative psychotherapist and photographer. Integrating her experience of twenty years in meditative practices, including Zen and yogic traditions, with twenty years as a career/life direction counselor and psychotherapist, she helps people to make life changes and transitions by honoring the deeper, spiritual self. She applies these same principles in her work as a professional photographer as she honors the spirit within through visual expression.

Heidi has exhibited in the international photography expositions, Recontres International de la Photographie 2001, Aix-en-Provence, France; and FotoFest 2000, Houston, as well as several local Houston venues. Her work reflects her special interest in natural light portraiture.

A life coach for individuals in life transitions and relationship change, Heidi designed the class “You are the Artist of your Life,” customized for participants of all ages to explore their life goals and overcome barriers through photography, contemplation, and life direction techniques.

Heidi is the author of the published article series, "An Invitation to Change Your Life,' and the upcoming book, "The Deeper Path."