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How to Make the Change
(and Survive...)
Living from the Soul

It's both exhilarating and scary to finally decide to make a change and truly live from your soul. Although finally doing what you really want to do, (whether in your relationship, job, or lifestyle) seems like it will have to be one dramatic jump, it actually can be taken step by step.

You’ve probably been afraid to take the leap and change things up because you were thinking you had to go straight to the last step! Of course that would be frightening...as well as unfair to you, your heart, and your life.

I've chosen to call the process I've outlined below "The Deeper Path." I call it that because each step evolves from your inner knowing, from that part of you that just "knows" what has to happen in order for you to be happy, and is yearning for you to set it free.

Your mission (if you choose to take it :) is to quiet your fears, set some secure foundations, and listen deep inside to honestly acknowledge what you want.

Then, with the support and new perspectives you will learn, you'll be able to step by step make the changes you need, and to live the life you truly want to live.



I've outlined some of the steps of the Deeper Path below.
I only did this so you can see that there are tangible, pleasant things you can do to make changes in your life, and that following your heart will not be like jumping into a the black abyss!

If you feel overwhelmed or anxious as you read these steps, STOP. Remember this:

You don't need to know exactly what change is needed or how to do it. That's part of the process! All you need to do is acknowledge that things aren't "right," admit you need some help, and start acting on the intention for change.

To read the steps, click here. OR

If you're tired of the yearning, and want to start NOW to live more in alignment with who you are, start here:

Here's more detail below about THE DEEPER PATH process:

 Stage One:  Honoring Inner: Setting the Foundation

In order to begin, you need to create a safe place for your true being to come out and speak. You're going to listen hard, and then create a foundation for future action. In the begining of your deeper path, you will:

Stage Two: Creating Outer: Making It Real

Now you'll start trying out pieces of the new lifestyle. While keeping the clarity, knowledge, and excitement you’ve built from Stage One, you'll now test and make the dream real. To do this, you will:

Stage Three: Honoring Inner. Creating Outer: Taking the Leap!

Ok, here we go! You now get to live your heart’s desire. You’re delighted to:

Hmm, did I remember to say that in the process of listening to your heart, honoring your truth, you will also have fun? While the steps I’ve outlined above can have their intense times, you will also experience great joy, freedom, and the exhilaration that comes from living your life in alignment with who you really are.


Still hesitating?

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