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Personal Muse, Counseling and Coaching...

“To find our essence and express it fully…
that is our highest calling.”

Depression, discouragement, unhappiness…or just plain restlessness, feeling that your life is not the way you want it to be….all come from not allowing your true nature to emerge. If you are depressed, needing career change, wanting to improve your relationships, or just feel that you’re not living the way you want to live, you’re ready for the challenge of truly honoring who you are.

Life is transition, and when you fight change, you become anxious, depressed, or stuck. Contemplative practice helps you to understand and live with the impermanence of life. Coaching, counseling, and psychotherapy help you to step out and take action. And services of the Muse inspire and bring back the joy you've been missing!

In our work together, we’ll find the right combination that will allow you to find what you really want to do in your life, what’s getting in the way, and how to overcome your barriers, take courage, and do it.

Integrating twenty years experience in career and life direction counseling and corporate consulting, with meditative, yogic and Buddhist principles, I offer personal counseling, meditation, and retreats/workshops for making transitions by honoring the deeper, spiritual self.

Counseling areas:

Career counseling, testing, and coaching.
Relationships, mid-life, changes planned and unexpected.
Zen meditation and yoga instruction.
Reconnecting to spiritual center, values, authentic self.

 My Clients are:
Individuals, couples, adults, teens, creatives, mother/daughter, all sexual orientations.  

Skype and phone sessions available, all countries.
55- and 75-minute sessions; other lengths available according to your special needs.
Free initial brief phone consult, insurance accepted.

I would like to talk to you about what you need.
Even if you're unsure of whether you want to work with me, feel free to call me at 713.521.1676, or fill out as much of the form below as you like, and send it to me.

Whatever you decide, congratulations on taking the first step to honor your true self, and create your life.


Application: Personal Muse/Counseling/Coaching/

Please answer the following six questions in as much detail as you like. The more I know, the better I can understand what you need. Of course, you don’t have to write a novel, either. We’ll fill in any gaps when we talk.

1. Describe how you are feeling right now in your life. What is it that you are yearning for? What change(s) do you wish you could make?

2. You’re considering taking action. Why now? Has something happened recently to make you say “that’s it, it’s time?”

3. What is currently positive and flowing in your life, that you are comfortable with, and needs no change?

4. Where do you feel stuck? Where are you challenged or struggling?

5. What resources have you already called on to help you make this change? (Friends, professionals, books, spirituality)

6. What goals or intentions would you like to reach by working with me?

7. Why are you wanting to work with me in particular? (vs. a different coach/counselor) What drew you to me: skills, personality, background, articles, etc. What do you think or what would you like me to be able to teach or guide you in?

8. Please give me 2 or 3 times in the next 10 days (Monday through Friday, between 10am and 7pm Houston Central Time please) that we can talk.

Thank you. I’ll call you within 48 hours and we can set up a free consult.

In the meantime, congratulations on honoring your life! You have taken a tangible step toward what your heart desires.