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How Do I Get Started?

How do you get started making the changes in your life that your Soul has always yearned for?

The first thing to remember is that you don’t have to do this overnight. The process of making a true, lasting change requires listening to your soul, acknowledging your desires, and getting honest about the way you really want to live. It’s a very special, personal journey, requiring reflection, action, inner work, and time.

You want to take this path starting from a safe, secure place, gathering the tools along the way and drawing on help and support to get you to the place where you are ready to make your unique leap.

Whether you are simply feeling stuck, playing with the idea of shifting things in the near future, or totally clear that you are ready to make a change and live totally from your Soul NOW, here is what you can do to get started:

  1. Sign up for my e-newsletter. You'll receive helpful articles, thoughts, and notices of upcoming events that will support you in your path of living from the soul.

    With the newsletter comes my free booklet, Living from the Soul:  First Steps to Taking the Deeper Path.” 
    In the booklet, I’ve included meditations, exercises, suggestions for action, and concepts to reflect on and apply to your life. You’ll be able to start right away on the path towards making the changes you’ve been yearning for.
  2. Register for my next free monthly teleseminar. In a one-hour class, get your questions answered and receive more information and support. Through a special topic each month, we address specific challenges and joys involved in making the leap and living how in your heart you really desire. 
  3. Get personal: Feel your deepest relaxation and soul connection at the Soul Spa. Find relief and guidance at a Personal Coaching Session. Reflect and renew your spirit in a Belief Circle. Allow yourself to be supported for a change! You don't have to do everything alone.

    Whether you need relaxation, help in listening to the whispers of your soul, or in clarifying your interests and choosing a job that is the true match for you, through our work together you'll learn how to set the foundations for living from the soul, understand and embrace the process that you'll go through as you choose this path, and create tangible inner and outer steps that will help you to live in the spiritual alignment you desire.

    Together we'll define the unique steps that you need to take in order to be on your path; supporting who you really are and how you want to express yourself in the world.

Please contact me! if you have any questions.

I truly want to help you to satisfy the yearnings of your soul, and to create the passionate life you are meant to live. I’ll be happy to answer anything that will make you more comfortable in working with me.