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Honoring Inner. Creating Outer.
You are the Artist of Your Life.

Are you experiencing challenges in your career, family, or lifestyle... and have realized you need some help?

Do you yearn to live from your Soul...express your true nature...but fear the changes that may be required?

Are you seeking inspiration and encouragement for your creative self, as an artist, entrepreneur, or adventurer?

You're in the right place. I'm here to help.

Welcome, I'm Heidi Straube.

I am a contemplative psychotherapist, photographer, life coach, and healer. I use my skills to help you uncover the authentic self within, and express it in the outer world.

I'm here to help you to slow down, listen deep inside, and to discover your true being. Then together we'll find the best way to work with your challenges, and create the life you really want.

Whether it's through helping you to be honest with yourself, to find courage, and take action in your relationship or job; to find peace in your deepest being; to explore your inner self or honor the beauty of your loved ones through photography... I will help you to find the ways, both inner and outer, to make your spirit safe, alive and joyful.

Let me help you through life's challenges. Make your life more satisfying through:

I am here to help you to find your essence, to remove the blocks that have kept you from living it, and to teach you how to make the changes that will result in a true celebration of your being.


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